German Eurojackpot lottery

For a big stakes game Eurojackpot lottery has some great win odds. So don't pass this one up. Jackpots start at €10 million which is a princely sum. The jackpot rolls down after 12 consecutive no-wins rapidly increasing the second tier prize. And the record jackpot was a tad over €61 million. That'll get you a villa on the Riviera, a Ferarri, and a Rolls and you'll still have millions left over for other fun things. And you get all your prize money in one lump sum payment. The Germans levy no taxes on winnings.

Draw format

To play select 5 primary numbers out of a 1-50 pool, plus 2 secondary numbers from a separate 1-10 pool. Win the jackpot by matching all 7 numbers drawn. Always use our Smart Play option to better your win odds.

What can I win?

The maximum EuroJackpot prize is 90 million Euro (€77 million or $120 million). EuroJackpot used to have a rollover limit of 12 annd if there was still no winner after the 13th draw then the prize money would roll down until a winner was found. The rollover limit was done away with earlier this year since EuroJackpot players voiced their opinion that they would prefer not to have a jackpot ceiling in this manner.

Can I play Eurojackpot lottery outside of Germany?

Yes! Thanks to a lottery messanger service like SmartWinners, you can play any lottery in the world without leaving your home. SmartWinners's local agents across the world buy lottery tickets on your behalf. The tickets are then scanned and placed in your personal account. This allows you to play lotteries from any country in the world.